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Category Description Version
Maintenance Small updates and improvements 2015.15
Email notifications New email notification: 'Tasks marked as completed' 2015.11
Timer New feature on web edition: 'Start a new task like this one' 2015.11
Timesheet Click groups in the Time log page to show all time entries for all users in the group 2015.11
User Interface User interface improvements make the timesheet much easier to use, and much easier on the eyes. 2015.10
Roles Assign employee roles for each project, and optionally use role rates 2015.09
Roles Search for users by role in resource allocation window 2015.09
Billing rates New option to choose default user salary rates instead of the overridden user salary 2015.09
Performance Web Edition performance improvements 2015.09
Timesheet Management Favorites: choose timesheet favorites to reduce the list of projects you have to scroll through 2015.08
Active Directory LDAP Support LDAP SSL connections to domain controller 2015.08
User Rights Only allow uses with 'Administer Users' to view license codes 2015.08
User Rights New user right: Can import and export 2015.08
User Rights New user right: Can enter time into past dates 2015.07
Time Off Set Time Off requests back to 'In progress' when they are edited.  New approval is required. 2015.07
Performance Five performance inprovements make the program faster 2015.07
Microsoft Project More logging messages to help when posting actual hours to MSP 2015.07
Project Assignments New window to assign users to every project they should be assigned to 2015.06
Reports Added Reports.GetSQLWhereClause function to make reporting more flexible 2015.06
Reports Make report script window larger and easier to read 2015.06
Time Off Accruals Semimonthly Time Off accruals, accrue hours on the 1st and 16th of every month 2015.05
Time Off Policies Allow non-admins to view their Time Off policies without running a report 2015.05
Audit History Save username and timestamp in Time Logs and Expenses whenever they are created or modified 2015.05
Project Tasks Allow project tasks to be pasted into ALL projects.  Copy tasks and paste into every other project 2015.05
Rounding Improved rounding usability when creating and editing rounding profiles 2015.05
Maintenance Bug fixes and improvements 2015.05
Web Edition Updated UI components in Web Edition for more browser compatibility 2015.04
Reports New project proposal report in Management section displays list of proposals. 2015.04
Sync Sync server in Windows Edition displays version number when accessed by browser.  Useful for troubleshooting connection to sync server. 2015.04
Sync More sync updates to apps and Windows Edition.  Improved reliability.  Improved user experience. 2015.03
Sync Sync with Windows Edition.  Choose File, Options, Sync to enable synchronization server.  Enter sync information into iOS or Android apps to sync with Windows client. 2015.02
Android and iOS apps Updates in iOS and Android apps, so sync occurs every 15 minutes from 6 AM - 8 PM. 2015.02
Android customer app Let's clients see what is new with their projects.  Android app that syncs with the Wed Edition.  Pulls down the client's projects, time, expenses, and invoices.  2015.02
Performance Performance improvements in Web Edition.  Faster web timesheet input. 2015.02
Project properties Added custom fields to project records. Text, numbers, decimal, currency, dropdowns, dates, etc.  Use these fields for custom reporting. 2015.01
Project proposals Create new proposals you can send to your clients. Projects can stay in a 'proposal state' until you are ready to log time to them. 2015.00
User interface Updated icons and user interface, like Microsoft Office 2015.00
Operating system support Built with newest technologies for longevity and reliability.  Windows XP is no longer supported. 2015.00
Monthly subscriptions Support monthly subscriptions, pay per month and get all updates and support 2015.00
Expenses Added 'Vehicle' choice to expenses and expense import 2015.00
Invoicing New billing method: By user role. Each user can be assigned a role, and each role may have a different billing method to use for client invoicing. 2015.00
Timesheet The 'week start' choice is now associated with user and workgroup records rather than a registry setting.  Simply set it for the top-level workgroup and every user automatically inherits the setting. 2015.00
Expenses The 'default mileage rate' setting is now associated with user and workgroup records. 2015.00
Time tracking and rounding The rounding options for time tracking are now associated with user and workgroup records. 2015.00
Rounding Multiple rounding rules may be based on the duration of a time log.  For example: 0-15 minutes=1 hour, 15 minutes to 1 hour = 30 minutes 2015.00
Timesheet Projects in the timesheet may now be grouped by client.  Under each client will be the projects associated with it. 2015.00
Timesheet Categories, tasks, and time off reasons now have a convenient icon next to them to identify the type of time being logged. 2015.00
Skills The 'Skills' field is now copied from tasks to time logs so you can track the amount of time each employee spends on each skill or discipline. 2015.00
Projects Files may now be attached to projects 2015.00
Android and iOS Apps Bar code scanning on Android and iOS apps 2015.00
Android New Project Bot app to allow clients to check project time, expenses, invoices, and tasks you are performing on their projects.  This is similar to the client login, but is available on an app.  Your client can now track your progress. 2015.00
Check for updates The Windows and Web Editions now automatically check for updates so you know what is new.  If you have a monthly subscription you can get these updates for free. 2015.00

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