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Category Description Version
Import Improved CSV importing by updating existing records rather than automatically adding new ones 2013.09
Email Notifications Send notifications any time a time off record is modified.  Added more information about the changed record. 2013.09
User Interface Added Global reports to the ribbon 2013.09
Timesheet Added popup captions to 'Daily Hours' view in timesheet.  Browse mouse over time logs and a popup appears. 2013.08
Android Edition Added Quick Tasks and a few other small enhancements 2013.07
Mobile Updated Web Edition for Mobile phones.  Easier to work with, and fixed several usability issues. 2013.07
Import Added more import fields for CSV import 2013.07
Quick Tasks Improved usability of the Web Edition Quick Task window 2013.07
Timesheet Allow entry of hours greater than 24.  Large numbers represent long-term totals. 2013.07
MS Project Added timephased hours to MSP.  See 'Task Usage' view in MS Project to see timesheet hours by day. 2013.06
Time logs Added delete button to time logs to help manage them. 2013.06
Timesheet Allow percentages to be entered instead of hours.  These are converted to the percentage of daily hours. 2013.06
Import Improved expense importing for Android users 2013.06
Timesheet Added option to display subproject rollups in timesheet (Use Special Feature code: "SPT") 2013.05
MS Project Improved MS Project integration 2013.05
Pay Periods Added pay period date filtering to time off reports 2013.05
Barcodes Scan barcodes to start and stop the timer 2013.04
Sync and Import Sync Android with Web Edition using web url 2013.03
Sync and Import Improved time and expense import for Android app 2013.03
QuickBooks Export summary invoices to QB 2013.02
Maintenance Improvements to support IE10 and Chrome browsers 2013.02
Maintenance Bug fixes 2013.02
Audit Trails Save time log record history for every change (Use Special Feature code: "TLH") 2013.01
Maintenance Small bug fixes and maintenance 2013.01
Contract Management New contract management features for Option Years and Contract Modifications.  Manage defense and government contracts. 2013.00
Architecture Build with latest tools and libraries for reliability in future OS’s 2013.00
User Interface Office user interface look (Ribbon on Windows Edition) 2013.00
Timesheet Improve how time logs are edited from “Show Logged Time” dialog 2013.00
Time Off Time Off status rollups should be blank 2013.00
Time Off Holidays now allows duplicate names for different years 2013.00
Projects Changed the term “Subsystem” to “Subproject” everywhere in the system 2013.00
Timesheet Allow minutes to be entered into timesheet (Example: 10:30 = 10.5 hours) 2013.00
Time Off Blackout periods assigned to user 2013.00
Time Off Time off reasons assigned to user 2013.00
Time logs Add “Currency” as a custom field type 2013.00
Project Tasks New field: ‘Actual Material Cost’ that collects expenses 2013.00
Project Tasks New field: ‘Remaining Material Cost’ that subtracts ‘AMC’ from ‘MC’ 2013.00
Time Logs Right-click and email selected time logs to the client 2013.00
Reporting Added pay period dates to report filtering choices 2013.00
Expenses Allow $$$ entries into expense sheet, in addition to quantities 2013.00
Quick Info Add dates to Quick Info day text for “Time spent this week” 2013.00
Projects New “Budget” section in project properties 2013.00
User Interface Web: Add a ‘Save and Return’ button to the edit pages 2013.00
Email Notifications Email notifications for timesheet hours exceeding 40, 45, 50 hours 2013.00
Projects Web: Dropdown for Project Status and Priority 2013.00
Timesheet Option to display timesheet hours in HH:MM format 2013.00
Email Notifications SMTP Authentication, in addition to existing POP3 authentication 2013.00
Email Notifications SMTP email settings: allow alternate port numbers (25 is default) 2013.00
Project Tasks Command to reset the YTD Actuals field in all the project tasks 2013.00
Architecture New User Right: Automatically log in (Windows Edition only) 2013.00
Agile Project Mgmt. Daily scrum to record today’s stand-up update, plus employee report 2013.00
Reporting Improved group report filtering in the “Users” tab 2013.00
App Additional option to quit or stay running in sys tray when closing app 2013.00
Timesheet Approvals New ‘Approve All’ button for timesheet approvals, batch approve 2013.00
Reporting Report writer groups can sort ascending or descending 2013.00

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