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Category Description Version
Assembly lines View resource requirements, and slot jobs on assembly lines 2018.04
Work In Progress Added "Assembly Line" to Work In Progress screen 2018.03
Barcode scanning Set expense defaults for client, category and expense template when scanning inventory items 2018.03
Time and material tracking Duplicate expense templates when duplicating projects and tasks 2018.03
Usability New search option in filter tree to locate clients, projects, etc. 2018.03
Project management Link lines improved in Gantt chart to acomodate new link dependencies 2018.02
Project management New project task link dependencies, including SS, FS, and SF 2018.02
Project management Added assembly lines, which projects can be assigned to for resource allocation 2018.02
Project management Automatically update Project start and finish dates when editing tasks 2018.02
Project management Automatically find the next project code for new work orders 2018.02
Import New import console app can be run from Windows scheduler to import silently 2018.02
Project management Move multiple projects to a single folder 2018.02
User interface New filter choices for Project Task view, including porfolios and folders 2018.01
Project management Gantt chart improvements, including milestone symbols and tooltips when browsing 2018.01
Barcode Barcode scanning improved in both ST and BC 2018.01
Dashboards WIP and Employee status screens improved 2018.01
Tool control Tool control features to check tools out and track time for preventative maintenance 2018.00
Project management New “Resource requirements” chart in Resource Allocation window 2018.00
Project management Drag and drop projects and tasks for instant resource allocation window updates 2018.00
Project management Drag and drop Gantt improvements 2018.00
Project management Add “Years” to Gantt header interval menu choices 2018.00
Resource Allocation Add project name to tasks in resource hierarchy grid  in Resource Allocation window 2018.00
Inventory barcode tracking Prompt for adding and subtracting inventory in this format: PROMPT_inventoryname 2018.00
Barcode time tracking Employee ID can be scanned with barcodes (instead of username) 2018.00
Barocde time tracking Added the ability to scan client name 2018.00
Barcode time tracking A special “device” registry setting can identify a device during barcode scanning 2018.00
Barcode time tracking Barcode script enhancements 2018.00
Expense tracking Expense templates can update expense quantities rather than create multiple expenses 2018.00
Project management Allow filtering Project Tasks view by folder 2018.00
Project management Don’t close folders when dropping projects into them 2018.00
Project management Display milestone symbols on summary task row 2018.00
Project management Allow milestones to go outside the summary task date range (Special feature: MNS) 2018.00
User interface New right-click menus in Project Task view to delete, duplicate and rename projects 2018.00
User interface Moved “Show only items assigned to this user” to a special “Super User” checkbox 2018.00
User interface Removed “Rounding” page from Options dialog (See Tools, Users and Organization) 2018.00
Invoicing Choosing an invoice project should automatically change the client 2018.00
First release of ST2018 New updates to project management, barcode time tracking, Work in Progress 2018.00


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