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Track time and expenses while on the road with your iPhone or iPad!  If you're a consultant who collects time and expenses for client billing... or you're an employee that needs quick access to your time and expense records... this app is for you!  Just tap the "+" symbol to add a new time log or expense, then enter the relevant information, and you're done!  It's really that simple.  Now all your records can be uploaded to Standard Time or QuickBooks for billing or project tracking.  See the screenshots below for more details. 


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Got the Windows Edition?  Click Get Started to download it!


The iPhone app is free but the most benefit comes from sending your time and expense records to the Standard Time Windows Edition or Web Edition.  You can download it here.  When you do, those records can be billed to clients or used for project tracking.  There is extensive analytics and reporting.  And you can share data in your corporate database.


iPhone App Screenshots

iOS App Home Page


This is the main page you see when the app launches.  Tap the 'Time' and 'Expenses' buttons to view time and expense records.  The menu icon in the upper-right corner lets you start the timer or create a new expense

Tap the Tasks button to start the timer with a task.  New Quick Tasks are created each time the timer is started.  They record your client, project, and category so you can quickly start another timer based on previous selections.

The Barcode button opens a window that lets you start the timer with barcode labels of your client, project, and category.

You can export your time and expenses with email, but synchronizing with the Windows or Web Edition is more efficient  Synchronization brings down all your work and sends it automatically.  There is no need to export when using synchronization.

The Summary button displays a table of time and expense summarization.

Press the Sync button to pull down the latest clients, projects, categories, time logs, and expenses.  But first, you must enter URL and login information into the Settings page.

Press the Settings button to enter login creditials for sync and export.




Timelog List


Press the Time button on the Home page to display this list.  All your time logs are listed here, sorted by the start date.  Tap any item to edit it. 

Touch the tab at the bottom to switch to the expenses list.



Edit Timelog Page


Touching any item on the Time Log list causes this page to slide in.  You can edit the selected time log here. Slide the page down to see all the fields. You can edit the start and stop dates, time log duration, and notes. Your own clients, projects, and categories can be assigned to each time log.  Create new ones while editing. Time logs can also be billable, and marked as billed. At the bottom of the form you can use the 'Text' fields for any purpose you like. Every time and expense record you create on the iPhone app can be emailed to the main database or sent to QuickBooks for client billing.



Start Timer


Touch the menu icon in the upper left corner to show the main menu.  When you choose 'Start Timer' an Edit page will appear where you can edit the new time log.

Time logs that are running are displayed in the list like this.  A triangle signifies that the timer is running.

When the timer is running the Stop and Hours fields are disabled.  You can edit all the remaining fields just like every other time log record.

When your task is finished, tap the menu icon again and choose 'Stop Timer'.  This same page will reappear for further editing.



Expense List


Tapping the Expenses button on the Home page displays this list.  This list is similar to the time log list shown earlier.  Touch any item to edit it.  Both expenses and mileage are dislayed here.



Edit Expense Records


You can edit expenses just like you edit time logs.  Just tap the 'Expenses' icon in the tab bar at the bottom of the page and then touch an item. Expenses have the same 'Start' and 'Stop' fields as time logs, but also allow you to edit mileage and the 'Amount' field.

Touch the mileage area to display vehicle and odometer values.  You can create as many vehicles as you like.  The app will remember the odometer readings for each one.



Expense Mileage Settings


Mileage records are a variation of expenses.  Tap the automobile icon to display this page.  You can choose a vehicle that represents the mileage record, and then enter odometer readings.

The expense amount is calculated from the distance times rate.



Start Timer With Quick Tasks


Press the Tasks button on the Home page to show the Quick Tasks.  Use Quick Tasks to start the timer with one tap, and then stop the timer with another.

Each time you start the timer, a new Quick Task may be created from your client, project, and category choices. Those recent choices are displayed here for convenience.



Start Timer With Barcode Scan


You can quickly start the timer by scanning barcode labels representing your client, projects, and categories.  Scan a label with the word 'STOP' to stop the timer.

Barcode scanning is usually done in manufacturing settings, or where repeatitive tasks are performed.



Export Time and Expenses


Use this to export a CSV file to the main Windows Edition database. CSV files contain all the data you collected for each time and expense record.  This function lets you send them all in one email attachment so they can be imported by the Windows Edition. On the Windows Edition, choose File, Import.  Select the 'Time Log' option.  Find this file in the Windows Explorer and click Open.

The synchronization feature is much simpler than export.  With synchronization, you pull down all your work, and send it automatically.  There is no need to manually import CSV files.



Export Time and Expenses to QB


You can export your time and expense records to QuickBooks in an IIF file. The selected records will be compiled into an IIF (Intuit Interchange File) file that can be imported directly into QB. To import, choose File, Utilities, Import, Timer Activities.  The records can then be found in the employee timesheet where you can add them to invoices or pay employees.  In QB, choose 'Employee Center' to view timesheets.



Time and Expense Summary


Check the Time and Expenses Summary page to view hours and amounts for recent days, weeks, and months. The values you see here come from the 'Time' and 'Expenses' lists.  Any records you create there will be displayed here.

By default, all time and expenses for all projects is displayed.  Choose a project from the list at the top. That will display only those records for the selected project.



Sync with the Cloud


Press the Sync button on the Home page to begin synchronizing with the Windows or Web Editions  All your work will come down to the device, and be sent up.

Synchronization include clients, projects, categories, time logs, and expenses.

Before you can sync you must enter a URL and login credentials into the Settings page.

If you are syncing with the Web Edition, the URL will be found on the browser.

If you are syncing with the Windows Edition, choose File, Options, Sync to find the URL.  This will normally be the IP address of your workstation

The iOS app will automatically sync every 15 minutes once it is set up.



Settings Page


The settings displayed here are required for sending records to the Windows Edition or to QuickBooks.  You can open this page by touching the Settings button on the Home page. When sharing time and expense records in a corporate database, you must identify your records by a username. QuickBooks requires an employee name when exporting to an IIF file. You will also need a company name and identifier value before an IIF file can be created.  These values can be obtained from a QB IIF Timer Activity file.  Just export one from QB and open it in Notepad.  The values are inside that file The iPhone app will send data with an email, as an attachment.  Enter email addresses here.

Synchronization with the Windows or Web Edition requires a URL and login credentials.

If you are syncing with the Web Edition, the URL will be found on the browser.

If you are syncing with the Windows Edition, choose File, Options, Sync to find the URL.  This will normally be the IP address of your workstation.



About Page


Use this page to view the version and contact information.  Feel free to contact us for any questions or issues you may have.




Also works on Android phones and tablets


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