Here's a quick tip for manufacturing. Put a barcode label on your product and see how long it takes to go through the manufacturing process.

Scan the barcode when it starts, and every time it hits a new person.

You'll see exactly who touched it, how long they took, and the total time for completion. You might even see times for each stage, depending on the other information you scan.


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Are you guessing at how long your manufacturing process takes? If you've been at it for a long time, then you probably have a pretty good guess. But still, this give you the hard numbers. How about which employee is fastest? Or which product takes the most time? Divisions and departments? Individual serial numbers? All that is trackable with barcodes, and it's pretty easy. Now you can re-align priorities, adjust schedules, and change course. Isn't that what you've been asking for?

If you can measure it, you can improve it. Watch a barcode whiteboard video here.



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consultants love ST

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Mike back with Standard Time® and Ray White of Scoutwest. We’re talking Standard Time and we’re talking about barcodes today, which I’m so excited about. Who would use something like the barcodes in Standard Time?

Ray: Typically for manufacturing, sometimes for consulting. But often in a manufacturing or assembly type environment. Where you have products that are going through a process. In that type of scenario you might put a barcode on a work order or on the product itself. Let’s say it’s going down through an assembly line or a process where employees are working on it to build or improve.

You then can scan the employee name, then scan the barcode that’s on that work order or scan a project or a task. Standard Time will then start a timer. So you’ll know how long that product took to assemble, to create, you’ll also know how long the employees are working on certain projects, on certain products during the assembly process. You also have consultants who use this feature; it just pops up a little window you’re then able to scan to start and stop the timer.

Now this all works perfectly with the cloud in syncing if you’re in the field, correct?

That’s correct. You can use the android and iOS additions for this as well. So if you happen to be in the field you could scan your project. Let’s say you’re in the service business and you scan a project that you’re on and then stop that project for lunch. And then start back up again. That will send all that back up to the cloud and that will all be in that shared database for executives and managers to see.

This comes as part of the free trial version?

That’s correct.

So how can people go out and try this.

They can try it right out from our website You can download that and just start and stop the timer right away. You’ll have to print out some barcodes, you can get a font that does that. Then scan those barcodes and start and stop the timer.

Barcodes on Standard Time. The possibilities are endless, I’m telling you. Go out and download your free trial version today. and we’ll catch you next time.


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