DCAA Compliant Timesheet

Time tracking and project management software compliant for DCAA audits.

Many government agencies require contractors to comply with DCAA (Defense Contractor Audit Agency) rules and regulations. The timesheet makes this process easier by helping you regulate time entry with a DCAA Timesheet. You'll find numerous canned reports along with a built in report writer to customize specific reporting requirements for DCAA compliance from information obtained through our DCAA Timesheet. Scoutwest also provides employee training to satisfy another DCAA requirement. This training will help employees understand how to comply with a DCAA Timesheet. Let us help you track your labor in a simple, consistent, cost effective manner. 

DCAA 7641.90- Information for Contractors:

2-302 Labor Charging System

Timekeeping procedures and controls on labor charges are areas of utmost concern. Unlike other costs, labor is not supported by external documentation or physical evidence to provide an independent check or balance. The key link in any sound labor time charging system is the individual employee. It is critical to labor charging internal control systems that management indoctrinates employees on their independent responsibility for accurately recording time charges.

2-302.1 Timecard Preparation

Detailed instructions for timecard preparation should be established through a timekeeping pamphlet and/or company procedure.

DCAA Clause

Basic Definition-Paraphrase


Description of Feature


Record time on Daily Basis

Employee login

Allows secure daily time entry for all users with unique Log-in and Password entry along with optional Active Directory Authentication.


The correct distribution of time by project numbers, contract number or name, or other identifiers for a particular assignment.

Project Names and Identifiers

Contractor can name projects and use multiple fields to uniquely identify projects and/or their assigned users.  Time Logs allow detailed notes and descriptions.


Recording all hours worked whether they are paid or not.

Tracks hours worked and time off/not worked hours.

Allows employees to put in actual hours worked along with any paid or unpaid additional time.  Email notifications can auto email employee if timesheet contains less than expected weekly hours.

2.302.2 Recommended Time Keeping Policy


DCAA Clause

Basic Definition-Paraphrase


Description of Feature


The supervisor should approve and cosign all timecards.

Time and Expense Submit, Approval, and Locking

Multiple levels of Time and Expense Approvals with audit trail in DCAA Timesheet.

2-301.2 Detailed Provisions of SF 1408-

The cost accounting system must identify what costs are considered direct, and what costs are considered indirect. Once these criteria are defined, they must be consistently applied.

DCAA Clause

Basic Definition-Paraphrase


Description of Feature


Proper segregation of direct costs from indirect costs.

Task Categories and Expense Types

Allows the creation of Task and Expense classifications which include the ability to use Direct and Indirect Costs.




Download a fully functional timesheet that will remain active for 30 days.
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