What are you using now? What do you currently use for employee time tracking?  Excel spreadsheet?  Note paper?  Nothing?  Many people do not realize there are other options available to them.  They assume they must calculate employee time manually.  There is a simpler way - Standard Time®.  This product simplifies employee time tracking with a variety of tools.  We'll discuss those time tracking tools below.  Download a copy!


Video: How to Choose Employee Time Tracking App


Employee Timesheet: Everything starts with the timesheet.  Our weekly employee timesheet sows all projects and tasks in the simplest possible form.  Even if you prefer a timer for employee time tracking, the timesheet shows the results.


Project Tasks: To track time for employees, you need projects and tasks.  After all, what will employees track time to?  Simply clocking in and out is not interesting enough to provide any useful information.  Project tasks let employees track time to clients, projects, sub-projects, tasks, categories, and other activity choices.  You can see percent complete in a dashboard view, and even prevent users from exceeding 100% of the estimated hours.


Employee Timer: Each employee has a set of tasks assigned to them or their group.  They can simply start and stop the timer.  If they don't want to use the timer, they can enter time directly into the timesheet.  Timers let you start a task, recording the time you spent on it.


Reporting: What's the point of employee time tracking without employee reports, right?  The app lets you group report records by client, project, employee, task, and other categorizations.  This lets you view data the way you need to see it.  You can even use it for client billing and employee payroll.


Project Costing: Each employee time record has automatic client billing and salary calculations.  That means you can collect employee and client costs without any extra work.  Just track time, and the calculations are made for you.


Android and iPhone Apps: In addition to the Windows and Web apps, there are smartphone editions. Download the Android app from Google Play Store and iPhone app from the Apple App Store.

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