Even zombie project managers get canned. So don't feel bad.

Did you get fired because you're over budget again? Didn't use ST? It happens... even to zombies like Frank.

But hey... you might get a second chance if you put the ST timesheet on every desk. Just stop eating coworker's brains when they're not looking.

ST on every desk.



Boss: Listen Frank…

Zombie: uh, uh, uh, uh,uh

Boss: Do you hear me? Look alive, man! You’re fired! {slap} Do you understand? You’re fired!

Zombie: uh, uh, uh

Boss: You’re the project manager and you’re over budget again. That’s the 10th time this month!

Zombie: uh, uh

Boss: Standard Time®. I told you to use Standard Time. Track projects, stay under budget, assign tasks. All that.

Zombie: Uh

Boss: Track you’re projects right, man. Do you hear me?

Zombie: grah

Boss: All right, you’re done. You’re going to HR. Collect your things.

HR Manager: Now, Frank we could just fire you but what if we gave you a second chance? Could you get Standard Time and put the timesheet on every desk. And track your projects and watch those budgets?

Zombie: uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

HR Manager: Just download it off the web. Www.stdtime.com

Zombie: dub, duh, duh

HR Manager: Frank, is any of this sinking in? Www.stdtime.com

Zombie: uh, uh, uh

HR Manager: And one more thing. No more eating employees in the break room!

{Break room scene.}


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