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Can you show me the differences between your Windows app and the Web app for Standard Time®?

First of all there really aren’t any differences, they are functionally the same. Let me go over the Windows app first then I’ll show you the Web version. Right now we’re in the timesheet for the Windows app, we can jump over here to the Project Tasks tab. Which is a mini dashboard of all of your projects. And again I’ll click back on the Timesheet and put in 8 hours for each day on a particular task. Then I’ll click on the Time Log tab, which is a historical record of all time put into the system. We have the Expenses tab, the Billing tab, the Time Off tab. Again you can hide or display at your will, depending on the user, and of course most people just want to use the timesheet which is a very common thing to do. Then I’m going to jump over here to the Web version; when I do that you’ll notice we have the same tabs along the top. We’ve got the Project Tasks tab, which is this dashboard screen. The Timesheet tab, which of course you can see the 8 hours I entered earlier into the Windows version; you see they’re connected. Then I click on the Time Log tab, it’s very much the same. Expenses tab, same is true there. Then we have the Billing tab and finally the Time Off tab. Most people utilize the Timesheet. You can hide all the tabs you want or display them according to the user. That’s pretty much it!

OK. How about admin functionality? How do you add new projects, clients and so on?

That’s all found here in the Tools menu. If I click on the Tools menu you’re going to see a list of items available here. Let me click over to Windows real quick as well. When I do that we see we have the same information available in the Tools menu as well.

And reports?

Over here in the Windows version you’ll see we have a list of reports on the left hand side. And if I click over to the Web version you’ll see the same list of reports all well.

Nice! Thank you!



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