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Here’s something consulting firms will love:

A way to ensure client billable hours are entered for each week. And hours are logged to the correct projects and tasks. And the correct number of hours are entered.

In Standard Time® it’s called Timesheet Approvals.

Here’s how timesheet approvals work:

  1. Employees certify their timesheets by clicking the ‘Submit for Approval’ button
  2. Emails go to the manager
  3. Managers check employee hours, projects, and tasks
  4. Timesheets are approved, and optionally locked against possible changes

Consultants can even get email notifications when they forget to submit timesheets, or if their timesheet contains too few hours.

Submit and approve timesheets: That’s how to make sure client hours are done right.

Timesheet Approvals are waiting for you.

Click to download Standard Time.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fY2tnGDU5I


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