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Hello, consultants and service techs!

Is your client asking for project status?  Like practically every day?

They want to know:

-          What projects you’re working on for them

-          How far along you are

-          And how much it is costing them

And why shouldn’t they?  They pay the bills and keep revenue coming in.

So actually… your time keeping app should have tools just for them.

Now it does.

Here are three good reasons to try the Standard Time® time tracker:

-          Number one, there’s a special client login page just for your customers

-          Number two, there’s a ‘ProjectBot’ smartphone app that brings status down to them

-          Number three, there’s customizable invoicing and QuickBooks integration

Sound pretty sweet?  Sure does!

Click here to try Standard Time.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O96Stsuojvo


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