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Who doesn't?  Come on... fess up... everybody does it, even if you won't admit it.  Everybody wastes time at work.  Even if you are self-employed.

And we like it that way.  :)

I came across a recent infographic that illustrates this nicely.  See the link below.

Why are employees wasting time? - With time management software you can put and end to wasted time in the workplace and increase your productivity



What about Timesheets?

But as makers of timesheets and project management tools, I began wondering where this time is accounted for on the timesheet.  Is it posted against projects you are assigned to?  Or against a catch-all G&A project, like "Administration?"  Or is it not accounted for at all.

Not everybody uses an employee timesheet.  There are plenty of non-affiliated employees.  No timesheet.  No timekeeping.  No project tracking.  No project management.  That's fine, not every company or organization needs one.  And not every organization wants to know where their employee time is spent.  Ignorance is bliss!

We make the best timesheets in the world.  And we understand that not everybody uses them.  But you should consider downloading and checking this out, if for nothing more than to see where your employee time is going.  You might be surprised!

Also see: https://www.stdtime.com/top-ten-employee-time-wasters.htm



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