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In this video we’re going to point out the unique features of Standard Time®. You’re going to see that Standard Time has a lot of features and they are laid out to be as user friendly as possible. As we go through these you may realize that these are available in competitive products but it’s unlikely you’ll find all of the features in the products you look at. One thing to know is this video is not intended to go into real detail just to point out in a bullet fashion some of these features.

First thing you’ll notice is the 6 tabs along the top-the fact that Standard Time has all these features is unique; you won’t find this in all the other products you look at. For instance having project tasks and the ability to lay out a hierarchy of tasks and have project management features in there. We saw the timesheet, that’s a simple layout where you can open up project tasks, put your time in simply enter your time press tab and you’re done. Many other timesheets make you choose a lot of dropdowns to make your final choice; this is a lot simpler.

The time log tab where you’re seeing a list of the records that you’ve put into the timesheet. Expenses where you have a list of all you’re expenses. Billing where you could write invoices for billable time to clients. You’ll see multiple currencies here, if you happen to be doing business in multiple locals.

There is a time off section which we’ll go into a little bit later where you can enter time off for vacation, PTO, sick, other time off. That in of itself is unique.

The next thing you’ll find is that we have both Windows and I just opened up the Web version. We have a Web interface as well as a Windows interface; and it has the same 6 tabs along the top.  I’ll minimize this and go back to the Windows app.

We talked about the simple timesheet layout. We also have a graphical timesheet. If you choose this you see a graphical timesheet where you see all your time laid out in a graphical format. This menu also points out we have an expense sheet right on the timesheet. Go back to the timesheet. Another thing we can look at is quick tasks; go to the view menu, as you look through the menu itself you may see some other features I won’t necessarily get to but might interest you. I’m going to choose quick tasks and this window allows you to simply click once to start and stop a task. That’s unique, you can click, click, click throughout the day, complete your task and it will automatically fill in the timesheet.

There are future billing rates, that’s unique. Go to the billing rates choose employee billing rates, if I click on the date range you’ll notice this if for future years; Standard Time allows you to put in your billing rates for future years so that your project tasks will calculate and that you’ll have the rates there.

We have a project revenue. This allows you to see the revenue for the months coming up for the next year. If I go to the view menu choose project resource allocation; this particular chart has the availability bar chart chosen. Which allows you to see availability of employees out into the coming months.

Switch over to the time off, I’m hitting these fast and furious. If we go here and choose time off policies you can see Standard Time keeps track of the available hours you have, how many hours earn, when you earn them and so on and so forth. 


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