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Reasons why Standard Time made TopTenReviews.com

Dozens of different time-tracking software products are crowding into the market, and reviewer feedback is crucial in sorting out which ones provide the widest utility. We’re proud to say that Standard Time has been placed on TopTenReviews top ten list for time tracking software, noting, “Standard Time features practically every tool you'll need for proper time management.”

Extensive Enough for Enterprise-level Application

Standard Time extends its functions far beyond simple time-tracking. It allows users to create invoices, manage customer contact information, assign employees to specific projects, and even request time off. For enterprises with global operations, Standard Time takes care of all currency conversions and exchange rates, so invoicing remains streamlined.Standard Time’s versatility makes it a manager’s constant companion, since it organizes and monitors so many aspects of running a business. Unlike many enterprise-level products, Standard Time doesn’t engage in upselling or require the user to purchase different modules. All functions are included in the product. TopTenReviews points out that “from vacation hours to client reports, from presentations to overtime, this time tracking and management software can help organize your efforts and improve the bottom line.”

Customized Reporting

Time tracking in a business context almost always includes summarizing and reporting; managers and accounting offices need data to work with, and visual presentations are crucial for making presentations and justifying budgets. Standard Time can generate graphs and pie charts, filter reports with a single click, and present them on demand or automatically issue them at pre-determined times.

Simplicity for Individual Users

An increasing percentage of today’s workforce is made up of independent contractors, and their financial survival depends on tracking projects accurately. Standard Time provides pause and interrupt functions, Quick Tasks, and a clean user dashboard to keep track of daily and weekly jobs. Using this tool, a freelancer can generate invoices and safely store work expenses for calculating income tax.

Software Integration

The software developers at Scoutwest know that businesses use multiple programs, and a time tracking product needs to play nice with the software a company already has in place. Standard Time integrates with QuickBooks and Microsoft Project MPP files. Its DCAA compliant reports are easily exported to all common formats, including Excel, CSV, TXT, HTML, RTF, MS Outlook, among many others. Standard Time is even also available as an Android App.Standard Time’s complete suite of project management software inspired TopTenReviews to comment, “We were quite impressed with everything Standard Time has to offer.” The review emphasized Standard Time's completeness, and concluded by saying, “it is a powerful project management tool, and, if used correctly, can help improve productivity for your business.”




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