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Hey guys, Mike with Standard Time.

Have you ever used Standard Time for their timesheets?  This is really cool.  Check this out.

When each of your employees opens up their timesheets their own personal tasks and projects pop up for them to work on.  Every single timesheet is different depending on what employee opens it. The cool thing is also these are synced to your employee’s mobile devices. That means no matter where they’re at, whether they’re in the field or wherever, they can open up, clock-in, and see what they have to work on. Pretty cool stuff.

When you get a chance download your free trial version whether it’s engineering, consulting or if you just want to us it for its awesome timesheets. You’re going to like it!

Hey I’m Mike. Thanks for joining me, we’ll catch you next time!


Watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3EoL8WdLgk



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