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I have a question about our email notifications. I know we have a number of automatic emails that you can select to utilize or not utilize. Can you go over those real briefly and give me an idea of which each means?

Yes, you can find those by going to the Tools menu, choosing Users and Organization; each person can have their own email notification. So I’m going to go into this dialog box and here you see a list of users and groups in the system. I’m going to right click on one of these users and then choose Email Notifications. When I do that we will see a list of all the notifications you can get from Standard Time®. I’ll go through the list quickly so you have an idea what each one of these means. The 1st ones are sent on the 1st day of the week, usually Monday. ‘Timesheet has not been submitted for approval’ essentially that means the system will check each employee to make sure they’ve submitted their timesheet sometime last week. If they’ve not done that then they’ll get an email notification so that they get around to doing that so that certifies that their timesheet is correct. It’s actually optional but you can choose to enforce this type of internal policy so employees do that. The next thing, notifications are along the same lines; Timesheet contains less than a certain number of hours then they will also get an email notification telling them that so that they can look through their timesheet, find out where the hours need to be added and update their timesheet. Managers can look over their timesheets. The next two would be for managers so if a timesheet has been submitted by employees the manager would get notification of those. Or rejected by a manager the employee would get a notification of that. Time off request has been submitted is another one managers would get when employees submit time off for vacation or sick, etc. If the time off request if modified, if it is approved or declined, then the employee will get that. The next few here are for tasks that are scheduled and that are overdue, you can get an email notification so that you take a look at those tasks and start working on those. The next one here ‘Task percentage warning exceeded’ would also be for managers so that if employees begin to work on tasks and exceed those tasks, they can be notified. They can intervene if necessary.

That helps you from budget overruns.

The next two would be for managers, high-level managers who do not want their timesheet submittal or time off request broadcasted to other managers. They can stop those. Those would normally be for managers not for employees. And here you can get an email notification when you’re assigned to a new project. As soon as a manager assigns you to a project you will get an email notification letting you know that happened. That’s the list, you can look through those and set them up for each employee.

OK. That helps to clarify things. Thanks!


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