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Some people have asked what is the difference between the Timesheet and Time Log. You see these 6 tabs along the top and the timesheet and time log tabs are right next to each other. In fact some have asked what is the Time Log at all. Let’s take a look at that. Essentially these two tabs are close relatives. In fact they display the same information, they just look a little different. Let’s click over on the Time Log. Here you see a list of records and it turns out those records are the same ones that are displayed in the Timesheet. It looks a little different; you’ve got the Monday-Sunday view or whenever your first day of the week starts. In the Time Log you’ve got a list top to bottom of all the same records. These are the same time records you see over in the timesheet. One way to verify this is open up one of these, click notes and details, 1st thing we can see is that this is on 4/9 and starts at 11:30am. And the notes this person put in was Installed web server. Let’s go over to the Time Log and because we have such a long list let’s go over to the Date range and look at This week. We’ve got records here, turns out I’m looking at this week for Ray which is the same filtering we had over in the timesheet. If I look at the 4.5 hours we see that this is 11:30am, installed web server. You can go over to the timesheet, click on this triangular dropdown and choose Daily Hours and there is a graphical timesheet. We see this same 4.5 hours just displayed in graphical format. If I were to double click on that we’ll see it starts at 11:30am, installed web server is the notes that the person put in. We’re seeing the same information it’s just formatted a little differently depending on the view you have. There are lots of ways to look at timesheet data (timesheet records). This Time Log is useful in a lot of other ways. If we go to the View menu, choose Column, let’s get rid of the Client rate and Cost client, useful fields but for this case we’re going to put in the Client and the User. A couple different fields, you can add a variety of different columns to this display. So we now see some new columns here again we’re looking at all the records for Ray. If I click the yellow X I’ve now removed all the filtering, I see all the records in the whole system because I’m an administrator. Let’s look at This week; now we see a mixture of Ray and Buzz. If I went over to the Users section I could click on Buzz see all of his records or Ray see all of his records. This is that 4.5 hours we saw earlier. So the Time Log can be useful to find things that are not immediately apparent in the timesheet as your looking through a Monday-Sunday view. Simply seeing them in a top down fashion can sometimes be useful. That’s why we have the two views in addition to the graphical timesheet.

Hopefully that helps in distinguishing between these two close relatives. 

Watch the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwmgIgx2Mgw


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