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You may have landed here after asking yourself, "Why use a timesheet?" Why not just do your job as best you can and not worry about how many hours go toward this thing or that? Does it really help you do your job any better if you enter hours into a timesheet?

The answer may not apply to individual employees. They may not see any benefit to collecting timesheet hours. After all, they have jobs to do, and babysitting a timesheet may not be one of them. In fact, it feels a lot like added administrative work -- work they may see no benefit in. But employees don't run the company. They don't necessarily see the big picture benefit to the organization that employs them.

In the interest of brevity, here is a small list of reasons to use a timesheet. Several of these are covered in the video.


Bill time and expenses to clients
Improve project efficiency
Easier to collect time and expenses into a client invoice
Safeguards to help capture billable hours, and not overlook them
View consultant's utilization rate (number of hours utilized in billing clients)
Improve effective billing rates for consultants and entire organization
View employee daily and weekly hours to make sure they are working on correct tasks
See employee status at a glance
Manage projects more effectively
Compare task estimates with actual hours from timesheet
Improve project schedules based on actual employee hours
Improve task estimates
Focus on milestones, deliverables, and ship dates
Focus strategic projects and company priorities
Make sure time goes to high priority projects, and not to secondary projects
Check employee availability based on task start, due dates, and remaining hours
Find out if an employee is over-allocated with tasks
Collect time off requests for vacation, sick, personal, comp time, and other reasons
Accrue PTO hours weekly, monthly, or yearly for time off requests
Check other employee time off schedules
Accurately report hours to government agencies like DCAA
Compare older project to existing ones
Estimate when a project will end based on trend lines
Find out if you are making money or losing money
Find out if you have to raise your billing rates


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