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We’ve got a little solution here that can prevent employees from putting too much time into tasks. You’re looking at the Standard Time® timesheet; we have the six tabs along the top, we’re looking at the Timesheet.

Normally companies will like to prevent employees from putting in too much time because they know a client wants to fix a task in a certain number of hours. They also may know they have to move a project along at a certain speed so they want to prevent task lingering. That’s what we’re going to talk about. Again we’re looking at the timesheet, we see a series of project tasks here. I’m going to open up one of these to show you, right click on Edit Task to show you the ability to set a task warning and a task error. This particular task is at 89% so it’s about to roll over into the 90% warning. This is a number you can put in yourself, you simply type in the percentage or choose from the dropdown. You can also choose a task error that actually stops the employee from putting any more time in. This does not have to be set at 100%, you can set it at 150, 200 whatever you’d like to set it to.

I’m going to cancel out of this; you can right click on any one of these and choose edit task it’s going to be in the task status section.

The next thing I’m going to do is log in as a different user, I’ll log in as Buzz. When I do that we’ll see the effect that has on an ordinary employee who might be putting more time in. We were talking about these two tasks here.

When I type 8 hours into this task, press the tab key to go over to the next cell, I get a pop up that says warning limit is 90%, new percentage is 91%. So if we add those 8 hours we’re going to go to 91%. Buzz is allowed to proceed if he wants to click this Proceed button. I’ll cancel out of this so we don’t actually put the time in. But he was able to proceed because that was just a warning. He can proceed through that top 10% until it hits 100%.

On this particular task we are about exceed the 100% limit which is the error limit that we had set, again you can set that to any number you want I set it to 100%. If we add the new 8 hours we will go over the 100% to 101, the Proceed button in the case is grayed out. That means Buzz can’t proceed at all, so that locks him out. He’s going to scream about that but that’s the number you set, you can get by it with an administrator override. But it does prevent him from going any further. So that is a way for you to measure and control the time that’s put in the timesheet.

One last thing let’s log back in as Ray. We’ll go to Tools, Projects and click on that project we see we can actually set these at the project level. We set them at the project level they can control all the tasks underneath unless those tasks override the settings here. 


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