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From http://www.stdtime.com Learn how to bring Microsoft Project costs down to your timesheet in Standard Time. There are other videos that describe sending actuals up to MS Project, but this video focuses on costs only. MS Project has three types of resources. Work, Material, and Cost. Work resources and normally human resources that charge a certain amount per hour. But they could be machines that are rented for an hourly rate.

Material resources are objects used on the job. Examples might be nails, bricks, computer cables, pens and pencils. Material resources have a cost per object. The video describes a bucket of nails with a cost for each bucket.

Cost resource just have a purchase cost. You are buying something for the project, and that becomes an expense that must be added to the cost of the project. The video describes buying a hammer for roofing.

All these resource costs come down into Standard Time during synchronization. You’ll see them in the project task view, and optionally in the employee timesheet. Only administrators will see these costs. Normal employees, who normally only enter time into timesheets will not.

Each resource will be shown in ST as an assignment. In other words, you’ll see hammers, nails, and roofing assigned to tasks in ST. That helps understand the use of non-human resources on a project.

Even if you’re not using Standard Time, this video will still help inform you about resources and how they are used on projects to calculate costs.

The video helps answer the questions: How do resources work in MS Project, What types of resources are in MS Project, What are non-human resources in MS Project. How do material resources work in MS Project. What are “Cost” resources in MS Project?

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