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Standard Time is showing up everywhere!  haha  Just thought I'd share.  :)

Actually, I love the name.  It's an old standard everyone knows.  The product lives up to the cultural standard we've all known.  It's a good timesheet.  With good features companies can rely on.  It runs 24/7 365 without a complaint.  You just know it's always going to be there.  An American icon.


antique standard time clock        standard time clock 2


But don't take these antiques as meaning Standard Time is old.  It's modern and fresh every year.  We update with the latest components and stay on top of new developments.  It runs on all the browsers.  Android and iOS.  And all version of Windows.  How many timesheet apps can say that?

But still... it's nice to see the name venerated in American culture.  You just know this is a standard you can trust.  An app that keeps going day after day, and one you can stake your organization on.

Some customers have run this app for decades.  It's that reliable.  To them it's like an old Ford that won't quit!  Of course we wish they would upgrade to the newest versions every year... but honestly who does that?  Certainly not everyone.  And that's okay.  They are getting their money's worth, and that makes us happy just knowing that.  :)

ST started with just a time log in 2000.  Then people started asking for a real timesheet.  Then QuickBooks and MS Project integration.  Oh, gosh!  By 2001 we had expense tracking.  Yippie!  But hey… what if we had project tasks and rollups?  And a full hierarchy of tasks with subprojects and all?  2002 it was done.  With Palm OS and Pocket PC apps.  Remember them?  We're big-city now!  PTO time off accurals came in version 3, back in 2005.  Hundreds of updates have occured since then.  In fact, every release has hundreds of little updates and bug fixes.  This is an obsession.  A sickness without a cure.  But it's all for you, the customer.  We're building an American icon that will survive for decades.

Hope you like it!

Send us your Standard Time clock photo's and we'll post them here.





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