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Hi, I’m Mike with Standard Time. Want to know what’s new with Standard Time?

As you probably know, Standard Time is a bonzer new timesheet.

But what’s new in Standard Time? Apps! Let me show you.

This bad boy runs on Android and iOS.

So here you have your time that you can track your projects and your expense.  That’s whether you’re consulting… engineering… or just want to use it for the timesheet function.

You have all of your tasks. And get this.

A barcode. So you can assign barcodes for your tasks. So what you do is you take a picture and it starts the timer for that project. Pretty cool.

You can export all your stuff.

Get a summary of your work.

You can also sync with the cloud or with the desktop.

Download your copy at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store today.

I’m Mike with Standard Time… thanks for joining me and we’ll see you next time!

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIbkf4SEXzc






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