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Have you ever heard of Standard Time?

So… let’s say you’re a tech consultant… or engineer… or SEO expert... or service tech.  You meet with clients.  You bill hours.  And you travel sometimes.  You’re a road warrior, and good at what you do.

But the question is…

What time tracking app do you use?  Do you record mileage and expenses?

You’re not tied to a terminal, are you?  Or a spreadsheet for your billable hours?  Have you tried the Standard Time apps?

And how about the other engineers you work with?  Why not introduce Standard Time to them?

You should try the Android app?  Or iOS.  It syncs with the cloud or desktop.  The whole office can use it, and client billing can occur at one central point.

Track projects.  Track billable hours.  Expenses and mileage.

Make life easy.

Click to download Standard Time.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BtsEuzbsQU


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