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I have a question about the timesheet you probably get all the time. How do you put notes for the hours that you type into the timesheet?

Yeah, that’s pretty simple. Just find the cell you want to put a note with; for example I’ll do this 2.75 hours, for Mail Handling. You don’t actually have to highlight the number, just be inside of the cell. So I click my cursor inside of the cell, when I do that the next step is to go down to the bottom right corner and click Notes and Detail. When I do that it pulls up a little summary for that increment of time. You’ll see the actual task name is highlighted in blue for Mail Handling. And you can leave that task name in the system as it is or override it if you like. Most people leave that name already in the system alone and then they just type their notes right after that. They would say something to the effect “Mailed 24 overnight packages.” When you’re done hit Save and Close down here at the bottom of the box. And you’re done, those notes are in the system. Once you type time into the timesheet it becomes what we call a time log-a historical record of time. If you click over here to the right of Timesheet and click on the Time Log you’ll see basically the same information from the timesheet but arranged in a different manner. In this case I want to find that increment of time where I typed my notes in so I’m going to go over here to the left hand side where I have Clients, Projects, and Users and so on. I’m going to use this to filter my timesheet, that’s what this menu item is for. So I’m going to open up my list of date ranges and I’m going to say I want to see all of the time for this week. And when I do that it is going to narrow down what I have in my window and right here in the middle you’ll see that increment of time where I put the notes against that time log. When I click on this it pulls up back up again where I can see the original information. And as you can see it’s the exact same thing that was in the timesheet it’s just arranged in a different manner in this window. And you can sort by these headers at the top by actual work, by the project name or whatever you like. And when you’re done you just click this little yellow X, it removes the filter and returns you back to your normal view. And that’s it. You can click back to the Timesheet and I’m ready to track more time.

All right! That was the answer I needed. Thank you.


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