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Hello, business owners… and… users of QuickBooks!

If you’re running your company on QuickBooks, you should also consider Standard Time®.

Here’s why:

The Standard Time employee timesheet feeds time and expenses right into QuickBooks.

You get a nice timekeeping app with error checking and management approvals, plus an interface to ‘QB’.

  1. You’ll see all your customers and jobs
  2. And all your tasks or service items
  3. On a weekly timesheet, with pay periods

All timesheet hours go directly to the QuickBooks employee timesheets, where they can be used for payroll or client billing.

‘ST’ and ‘QB’ were made for each other.  They will soon become your two favorite tools.

You can run your entire company on them.

Click to try QuickBooks and Standard Time together.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rb4AOAijnP0


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