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Hey guys! Mike with Standard Time, thanks for coming back. I wanted to talk to you today about the Quick Task Window. 

Let’s say you have all of your tasks you have to work on. You click the button, turn on the timer; click the button, turn off the timer. And so on down the task force.  What this does is add up your hours on the timesheet. For employees it’s great because you don’t forget to turn in your timesheet because it’s already given to your manager.

For managers it’s great because you don’t have to bug your employees for the timesheet. It all adds up.

It keeps your projects on task and keeps you on budget.

Download your free version today and I’ll catch you next time! I’m Mike with Standard Time.

Watch the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqIWpQiJEm8



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