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Mike: Mike with Standard Time® back with Ray White of Scoutwest developers of Standard Time. And from the looks of today’s set I think you might know what the question might be. Ray, can Standard Time run on the Mac?

Ray: Of course. You can see the Mac sitting right here.

It’s Standard Time.

Let’s switch over here and take a look. You’re looking at Mac running on Safari. Just a browser like any other. All the information you see here, your timesheet is going to look identical as it would on Windows, Linux any other kind of system. You see the same kind of tabs along the top here. When I click on one you see the same information. You’ve got your tasks there, do a little project management. You’ve got timelogs that are roughly equivalent to the timesheet. And you do your expense tracking, mileage vehicles here. Your client billing is there and you’ve got your time off for PTO and vacation and so on. Back to the timesheet, now you’ve got your reporting over on the left hand side. This is identical to what you would see on another system.

Although not a native to Mac you can still run it on a Mac.

Absolutely lots of people do.

Now we talk a lot about being out in the field and using our smartphones. Can we use our iOS devices iPhones, iPads?

Yes, sure. You can basically run Standard Time on your phone whether it’s Android or iOS. These are native apps on the devices.

You can get these apps and the software at the website stdtime.com. If you haven’t downloaded it yet do it right now. It’s a great tool to make your life a whole lot easier. We’re answering your questions next time with Standard Time. We’ll see you then.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fezzr846wLs



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