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Mike: Mike with Standard Time® with Ray White of Scoutwest the developers of Standard Time and we’re taking time to answer your questions about how to use Standard Time a little bit more efficiently.  Ray today is all about vacation requests. I know Standard Time is more than a timesheet. But how do we actually get vacation requests into Standard Time?

Ray: Right, so let’s switch over to the screen here. I’m going to collapse some of these projects and open up a section at the bottom here called time off. You see in the timesheet your projects listed there and you see this special section at the bottom with the airplanes; that’s your time off.

This is where people can submit a time off request. So they go down to vacation, type in 8 hours press the tap key, this form pops up. You’re able to go in and tell the reason they’re taking time off, a description if they want to, there’s a beginning ending date, there’s the number of hours that they plan to take off.

Submit this, their manager will get an email notification indicating they’ve submitted their time-off request.

Then that manager can come back here and approve or decline that. That is how a time-off request can be submitted. Now if we switch over to the time off tab; this is another place where HR managers, other administrators, executives can go in and see all of the time off requests.

You see the different names listed here for the employees of time that they have requested to take time off. Some of those may be newly submitted, others may be in progress or approved already. If you click on one of these the same form pops up and the manager can look at all the fields that they’ve filled out. Then they can go down here and actually approve that time off. When they do that’s going to subtract the hours from their bank.

So you have this notion of accruing hours on a regular basis and then when the time off request is actually approved that subtracts the hours from their bank. There are some other things you can do in here as a manager, you can go in and right click and choose time off reasons. This is the list of reasons that you saw over in the timesheet, I’ll go back there in a bit. Those reasons there are the reasons you can pick to take PTO or other time off requests, for sick, personal whatever reasons.

You create your own list here and also right click in here and choose time off policies. You have to be a administrator to do this buy you’re going to see a list of your employees here in this drop down. And you’ll also see a list of reasons that you’ve set up, in that screen we just showed.

For each one of those reasons you’ll have the bank of hours, so this is the number of hours you have available to you, the hours that you earn and the earn period or when you earn those hours.

So you can set those up for each of the employees and then this system will sit there and accrue hours. People will earn new hours and then they can go over to the timesheet and submit their time off. When the do they will subtract their hours from the bank.

That’s all there is to it, it’s pretty simple.

That’s great. Let me tell you my HR manager loves Standard Time. It’s made her life a ton easier; she’s already organized but this took it up to the next level to where she’s nerding out on it.

No more spreadsheets.

No more spreadsheets which is great! We’re answering your questions more next time, we’ll catch you then.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SA0kHWCNA8c


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