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Mike: Mike with Standard Time® back with Ray White of Scoutwest we are answering your questions about how to use Standard Time in a better way. Today it’s all about the apps. All about the apps. We know that we have iOS, we know that we have android, the question is how do we get synched from the actual device to corporate?

Ray: Right, OK. Let’s say you’re a consultant, you’re out in the field, you’ve got a consulting firm. Everyone’s got their phones, their tracking time on their phones. You’ve got your app and you’re putting your time and expenses into that app. Let’s switch over to the screen, here. Let me say that you may be using either the web edition or the windows edition of Standard Time, or both. You could be using either of these editions and the phone needs to sync with one or the other, OK? So let’s start with the web edition. Most likely you’re going to have that on the Internet, you going to have the consultant synchronizing with that, the cloud. This is the URL that you’re going to give to each consultant, they are going to put it into their phone. It’s going to be different for the desktop or the windows edition. On the phone they’re going to go to the settings page, scroll up, there will be a field that you will put this URL into. If you’re synching with the windows edition, you can go to the file menu, choose options, click on sync, then click this synchronize with mobile devices. And you’ll have to use your phone on a Wi-Fi that’s in the same office as the windows edition. So those are some of the limitations for the windows edition. The web, when it’s out on the Internet, you can synchronize with it anywhere.

That’s really easy. That’s great. Download your version today and we’re answering more questions next time. We’ll see you then.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icfiLD9TNAg


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