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Mike: Mike with Standard Time® with Ray White of Scoutwest, answering your questions about how Standard Time works. We’ve done a lot of videos on what it does and we’re going to start answering your questions on how to actually do some stuff. Today we’re talking about resource allocation. I have these jobs that need to be done how do I find people to do them?

Ray: OK. You’re wanting to find people, employees to work on your project? I’m going to go to the view menu. We’re looking at the timesheet, I’m going to switch over to the view menu and choose project resource allocation. When I do this window pops up and this is the place to find people for your project. That’s your question, right?


Let me orient you to what you are seeing here. The bars that you’re seeing indicate how many hours people are assigned to projects. Could be one project, could be many projects. The red bars mean they’re over allocated; that means too many tasks, you’re not going to get that person on your project. The blue bars means they are correctly allocated; they may have a lot of tasks but they all fit into a normal work week. That’s fine, for a month in this case. The yellow bars are what you’re looking for. The yellow bars are where people don’t have enough work. They may have finished all their tasks, they’re running at the end of a project; you’re looking for those. So let me switch over to another user, let’s switch over to Buzz. Here’s a good example, this is a guy you want, you want Buzz on your team. The reason is he’s coming off a project, you can see the yellow bar here, he has a bunch of tasks left but he’s about done with this project. A little bit left in this time segment. Over in the next time segment he is free. Get Buzz as soon as you can. I look at some of these other users in here you see the same sort of thing. Dan is another good example, get Dan on your project because he’s finishing up too. He’s got some yellow bars, not fully allocated. You could get him starting to look at your project. But you go back and look at this user and things look awful here. Fully allocated, pretty much, until way out here. So that’s pretty much how you do it.

So really, blue and red lines don’t bug these guys. They’re busy, they might be a little bit stressed out. The yellow guys, not necessarily Homer Simpson, but they can get the job done. Sooner than these other guys can.

Yeah, right, exactly.

OK. Standard Time go down load it now. We’re going to be answering more questions in the future. We’ll see you soon.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjIfTMzCzac


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