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Mike: Mike with Standard Time® back with Ray White the deer slayer of Scoutwest. How you doing Ray? I’m having trouble knowing how long my projects are actually taking me. And in the long run that’s making my pricing off. How within Standard Time can I fix that?

Ray: Start by looking at the timesheet. Right next to it you see a tab for time log. So in the time log you going to see some information to help with that. First of all there is a start column, stop column, actual work. These are the exact start and stop times and hours that the activities take on your project. The next thing you might consider is going over to the view menu, clicking quick tasks, up will come a list of your tasks you can then click on one to start the timer. You see the start time there, a bold record and then you can go about your work. When you’re done uncheck that and that will then stop the timer, you can see that the bold goes away. Now you have exact start and stop times for the activities in your project.

I noticed when you stopped the timer something in your system tray turned red, turned green.

Right. That’s this little icon down here, turns out we have the same ability to start and stop the timer, you can go to the project. You can simply click that starts the timer, you see the same results down below. This is collecting the exact start and stop times. You’ll know exactly how long your project takes.

This is also available on mobile?

It is-android, iOS. You have the same tasks down that you can start and stop the timer.

That’s great. This is all available on the website. Click the link after this video and down load it today if you haven’t. We’ll be answering more of your questions after we get back from slaying our deer. Tune back then, we’ll catch you next time with more Standard Time.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myAgqrIlMAA


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