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Mike: Mike with Standard Time® back with Ray White of Scoutwest the developers of Standard Time and we’re answering your questions about how to use Standard Time® better. Today, Ray, is a personal question that I have for you. Numbers really hurt my head they give me a headache and I want become a more avid reader when I see numbers. So is there a way when I open Standard Time I see everyone’s hours and numbers are splattered all over the place. So there more of a way to put that as a picture?

Ray: OK, sure. Let’s switch over to the screen. We’re looking at the timesheet right now and lots of numbers. When I switch over to the time log, more numbers. You’re looking at the same records so all of the hours that you see here in the time log; they’re really the same hours as in the timesheet just organized differently, in a list. You can click on one open it up you see all of the fields that the users have filled out, that you’ve filled out if this is your time. As you did over in the timesheet.

To answer your question, can you see that graphically so it doesn’t hurt your eyes so bad? Click here and go down to graphical timesheet, there’s your answer.

Mike: Wonderful, glorious!

Ray: Now all these same records they are displayed graphically. If you double click on them you have the same fields, this is the same entry form. You can drag and drop them, you can create new ones simply by dragging and dropping right here in this form. It’s the same thing you saw over in the timesheet just organized graphically. Hopefully that helps.

Mike: Touchdown! That’s what I needed. We’re answering more of your questions; if you have a question you’d like answered go to our website and submit it there. We’ll see you next time.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edk0JSjhi6E


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