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Mike: Mike with Standard Time® back with Ray White of Scoutwest. Hi, Ray. We talked a lot about Standard Time can do but I’m getting a lot of other questions on how to do it. We’ve never done videos on how to actually do something. Just simple stuff, not in depth stuff. So I’m just going to pull a question out of hat of many questions and we’ll just start tackling them. How does that sound?

Ray: OK

So the first one is project tasks. It’s a simple thing to do in Standard Time. Why don’t you just show us how to actually build that?

Right. To orient you on the screen you’re looking at. You see a list of projects here on the left side of the timesheet. Of course you have your Monday – Sunday columns over here where you put your time in but the icons you see are next to projects. You then see tasks underneath those projects, there are some subprojects here that break the project down but these are tasks. If you right click on one of these you’ll open a pop up menu and you can choose new project task. Up pops a dialog box; you simple fill that in and away you go. Let me switch over to another tab, you see some tabs along the top. I’m switching over to the project tasks tab and this is a screen that managers, administrators like to go to monitor their project tasks. You can simply right click on a tasks choose new project tasks, same dialog box pops up and fill in their name, set the duration I think the task will take and then that’s all really all I have to do. This screen is useful for administrators, not so much for employees, you see the duration column, actual work, percent complete, there’s a Gantt column, there’s a lot of other columns you can put in here. But these are the one I happen to have in there. You can simply create your tasks right here that was your question where do I create them? Right here in the project tasks tab, you switch over to the timesheet it will show up right there.

That’s great, so it’s as easy as that.

And another thing you want to do when you create project tasks is make sure you assign them to people.

How do we do that?

That’s basically the same thing. If I go in and edit a task you can go and set the users here on who this task is assigned to. That means each person will see a different timesheet because certain tasks are applicable to certain people.

Great. It’s as easy as that folks. Next time we’re going to pull another question out of the mad hatter’s hat and we’ll have Ray answer it for us. Thanks Ray. We’ll see you soon. Bye.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo0ctRzsYoE


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