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Mike: Mike with Standard Time® back with Ray White of Scoutwest the developers of Standard Time. We are taking the time out of our day to answer your questions. A lot of them have been asked. Ray, I’m a project manager and I need to hire an engineer with a certain certification. How do I do that within Standard Time?

Ray: OK. Let’s go over to the tools menu to answer that. I’m going to click tools, projects, click on the project; I’m guessing you want an existing employee that’s in your organization that has that certification. Right click, choose assign users by skill; don’t let the word skill throw you off, it could mean certification, discipline, other things. So I’m going to click a couple disciplines that you might consider. You can see what’s happening here in the back ground; it’s looking through finding all the employees that have that skill or certification and has some availability. Buzz Aldren looks like a good choice here. I’m going to click the … because he has time in the three upcoming months. Up comes his availability chart, you can see the blue bars indicate that he has time available. If you had empty bars it would mean he’s not available. So it looks good here from this perspective. You can go down here, you’ve got your project you can click add and assign him to your project. That’s all there is to it.

That’s amazing. If you go to the website you can try it today. Stdtime.com it’s a great program to have, it will make your life easier. We’re going to answer more of your questions next time so be sure to check back often. Catch you next time with more Standard Time.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqtWCbvBMGA


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