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Mike: Mike with Standard Time® back with Ray White of Scoutwest the developers of Standard Time. And we’re taking time out of our day to answer your questions about how to use Standard Time a little bit better. How’s it going Ray? Common problem and people want to know; can employees see the same thing, do all the employees see the same thing in Standard Time?

Ray: Ok, the answer is no you’re able to control what employees see; administrator’s-executives, they get full control of the program. But you can control what people see. If we look over here at the tools menu, first of all, that demonstrates right off I’m an administrator. I’ve got all the menus, projects, clients, users, billing rates, Quick Books all sorts of stuff here that you probably shouldn’t display and allow end users to see and go into. The way to change that and control what people see and do in the program is go to the tools menu, choose users and organizations, then we want to change the user rights for a certain users. We click on that user, see the properties on the right hand side, one of those is administrative rights, I’m going to right click on the user and choose user rights. Up pops a list you see that same administrative rights, this user is not an administrator. You see access to certain views and then you have a whole list of user rights. You can turn these on and off for users obviously the admins, project managers, executives, they’re going to want to see everything. You probably want to limit this for the users. These users won’t be able to see other people’s time because they aren’t administrators and you’ll be able to control what they see and do in the program.

It’s fully customizable per employee?

Yes, exactly. You’ll have some employees that can see and do more, you’ll have the executives at the top that can see and do everything.

We’re answering your questions on our website so submit them there. We’d love to answer them for you. We’ll see you next time with more Standard Time.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LIAKhOpHPI


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