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I see an icon there under the first column under Projects; there’s an airplane icon in Time Off. And I know it applies to the time off tab. But I’d like you to show me how to put in a time off record and get a sense how that feature works.

Yeah, sure. First you click on the plus symbol and it will open up a list of your time off reasons. You get to define how many time off reasons you have and how fast it accrues for each employee. But for me, when I want to put in requests for time off or actually put some time in a day, let’s say Monday, I’m going to take 8 hours of personal time. I’ll just type in 8 hours here. And when I go to tab out of the system it’s going to pull up a little form; it’s basically prepopulated for me. It shows I’m taking personal time, I’m taking 8 hours, it shows the beginning and ending date and all I need to do it hit Save and Close. Now that time has been submitted for my time off request and it will appear in the time off tab up on the right hand side. It’s different because the timesheet, when you put time in against one of these jobs here like Chevron or Dynamics Research. When you put time into your actual work it becomes a time log, shows up in the Time Log tab as a historical record of your work hours.

Yes, its project time or task time, something you did in a task for a project. But either way it shows up in the Time Log as a historical time record. Whereas a time off request for personal time shows up here in the Time Off tab as my request for time off. I’ll go ahead and click on the Time Off tab like I just did and I’m going to click on the Date range and click show me my time off request for this month. And there you see the 8 hours I just put in for time off on Monday.

OK. So then this can track for my accrued hours?

Exactly. So when I put in that little 8 hours for personal time on Monday my manager will get an automatic email notification that says Warren has requested 8 hours of personal time. And once that’s approved, it’s automatically deducted from my available amount of time in my “bank.” All of these times; Comp Time, Jury Duty, Other, Personal and so on every one of them has their own bank of time available. And when I take time away from that, or request time off, it’s automatically deducted from my available time.

That’s what I needed to know, thank you! 


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