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Project management isn’t always easy.  But Standard Time® has at least one automatic feature to change that.

It’s called Project Rollups.

Have you seen it?  It’s in the Project Task window.

When you create project tasks, they show up in the Project Task window.  And there’s one really neat thing that happens when you do.


Most of the task columns ‘total up’ to the project level.  Take a look at the Duration and Actual Work columns.  The hours are summarized on the project row.  Those are called roll-ups.

Most of the other task columns do it too!

Even the Gantt column.

So when you create tasks, you get a dashboard view of all your projects.

Does that make your project management easier? Why not try it out?

Click to download, and you’ll be an instant project management professional!

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzjsSANMOWc


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