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I was wondering if you could show me how Standard Time® handles large groups of projects or portfolios of projects.

Sure. Let’s start of by going up to Tools, Projects. I think what you’re asking is you want to see areas in the Standard Time program where it handles project portfolios or groups of projects inside of a single portfolio.


Let’s start by going to Tools, Projects. When I click on a project over on the left-hand side you see a Portfolio field, turns out that’s a drop down. You can choose portfolios from this list to put that project into a portfolio. When you click the … button you actually see a list of your portfolios you can add and delete those or rename those as you like. You’re essentially able to go through each of your projects and put them into different portfolios.

Different groups then.

That’s the first step. Now once you’ve done that you’ll see some value in the product because of that. The first area that I’ll go to is the View menu and choose Project Revenue. Inside this window you’re able to see projected revenue out into the future for a year for your project. So you can choose a single project here and see the revenue for that project. This also shows them by folder and by portfolio. Click the little buttons above the project drop down and choose Development Projects, now I’ve got a group of projects.

Isolate that group and see the revenue from that group of projects.

Exactly. This includes all the projects within this portfolio. As you go out through the months you see the various revenue projections for that. So let’s move onto another area. Go to the View menu choose Project Resource Allocation we see another area where project portfolios can be displayed. And here in the Project Resource Allocation dialog you see where employees are scheduled to work out into the future. You can choose a project or show all projects, but you can also show a single portfolio.

So you can see how heavily allocated a single project portfolio is.

That is correct. That’s two areas that you’ll see some benefit from that. There are some reports in the product as well where you can group the time logs by your project portfolios. But those two areas are probably the biggest value for that.

OK. Very nice!


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