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Hey, Warren. I have a question about your Standard Time® program. I know you have time management because you have timesheets and expense tracking. I also know you have project management. I’d like to know a little bit about how they tie together.

Sure I can talk about that. What we’re looking at here is a timesheet. And as an administrator you can create projects and tasks for your employees to track time against. And those projects and tasks will appear in the timesheet which I’m looking at right now. We have a number of different projects here 7001SBIR, Chevron, Dynamics Research, and so forth. And down here in Embraer we can type in our hours directly to a task, if we want to. That’s how we track the time inside the timesheet. And this time will relate back to these projects and these tasks so that project managers can look at each project and gage how far they’ve come, what their forecast is, maybe what their baseline is vs their actual. A lot of that can be shown actually in the Project Tasks tab which is just left of the Timesheet tab. So when I move away from the Timesheet and click on the Project Tasks tab, I’m now seeing a dash board view of my projects from a project management prospective. We’re seeing the same projects here that showed on in my timesheet. The difference is I’m seeing the estimated Duration, Actual work and the % complete. And then over here to the far right we have the % status bar. When I open up one of these projects by clicking on the + symbol, I get to see the tasks within that project that are showing up in my timesheet to track time against.

OK. So the actual work column then is the hours that people have typed into the timesheet.

Yes. This column here the actual work is exactly the hours typed from the timesheet. And again this is cumulative total. So their might be 100 people working on this task and as they type their time into the timesheet it all shows up here in one big number.

OK. I see these bars over on the right-hand side, blue and red. What are the red ones?

This is a status bar. It tells you when it’s red that this task has gone over the allotted estimated time. So if I just click on Media Planning. We can see estimated Duration was 30 hours and the Actual was 104. So therefore it’s way over the estimated budget. So when you look at the actual bar and it being red its telling you you’ve gone over the allotted time.

Thank you. No more questions. Just wanted to see how the two tied together.


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