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Did you know that you can change the colors that are displayed for the projects in Standard Time®? Here’s a list of the projects along the left hand side of the timesheet. Obviously some of these are colored and if you switch over to the project tasks tab you see the same colors here. Instead of these wide blue bands, using the blue color, you see that these have some special colors. Consider possibilities where you might like to use color; like project status, for instance or priority. You might have a project that has no project proposal yet, it is just getting started. You set that to a certain color or you’ve got a proposal, the client has not yet accepted that. Or you’ve gone into beta or finished out the project. Different colors could signify different status of the projects.

Pretty easy to set these. If you go to the tools menu, choose projects, click on a project. You’ll have a section called extras and that may be expanded or collapsed, depending on your view. Click the plus symbol to expand it, you’ll see the color field, click … then you can set the color right here. Turns out that those colors are also used in the Gantt chart. Here you see the Gantt chart and you’ve got colors used for the task bars. You can even override those colors on a task by task basis. If you open up this task you can see the color field for the task and that would override the color for the project itself.

Easy to do this. You can set the colors to signify any status you’d like or priority, however you like to use these. You can also set the color back to the default. The default is this blue color. If I go back to tools, projects let’s choose the administrative project. We’ve got this orange color; click the … choose black, click OK. You see changes to default color, when I click OK now it has changed back to the blue. Easy to do. You can set these colors to anything you’d like. That may help you in some way.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tylnm4cHKB0


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