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Hi, my name’s Mike.  And I’ve have a consulting tool that you’re going to like. It’s called Standard Time®.  Check this out. This is how Standard Time handles client billing processes.

So let’s say Allison is the project lead for an engineering project.  She’s going to bill out higher than Jim who is the engineer.  On a simpler project, a maintenance project, Phil who is the project lead;  he bills out at a lower rate.

Every project is different.

That’s probably how your consulting firm runs, right?  Well Standard Time runs the same way.

I found it a breeze to set up.  And after it’s set up, it runs … 24/7… 365.

You need to go to the website and download your free trial you won’t regret it. Hey, I’m Mike thanks so much for joining me.  I’ll catch you next time.  

Watch the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_k3ET4TKqeo



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