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Can you show me how to put different columns, different views in all the tabs in Standard Time®?

OK. So I guess you’re wanting to see additional information that you don’t necessarily see out of the stock views.

Right, customize my screen or each of the tabs.

OK. Let’s start by talking about the six tabs along the top. You’ve got various information in each one of those tabs. You can go to the View menu and choose Columns to add additional information to those tabs. Right now you see the time sheet tab selected. When I choose Columns you see a series of columns of information that you could add to that particular view. Let me click close here, we’re going to come back to this but when we go over to the Project Tasks tab and I choose View, Columns you’re going to see a different set of columns. Why don’t I go there…

When you do each tab has their own list of columns.

Yes. Each of these 6 tabs that you see at the top here has its different list of fields that you can display. Right now we’re looking at the Completed field, the Name, Duration and Gantt.

So the duration and the hours is there and the Gantt chart. And if I wanted to add other fields I could or if I wanted to take those away I can.

Right. So I just removed the Gantt field and put in the % status bar. Maybe you want to see the client rate. There’s some other cost client fields, cost salary fields that are available to administrators. So those are some of the things you can do. When I click on this now we’ve got some other fields here. The others are gone, we've got new fields. If I click on the Timesheet, go to the View menu choose Columns I could put the client in. Now you see another column that shows the client we’re going to log time to. If I were to go to the Time log tab, go to the View menu choose Columns. You see a completely different list, this is actually a shorter list. Let’s say in this case I wanted to see the Project and the Project task. Now we’ve got another column here, the old ones gone, new column. Over in Expenses go to View, Columns, you’ve got a completely different list here, different fields that pertain to expenses. Same thing with Billing, let’s go over and take a look at those. These are completely different fields that are related to invoicing.

Right. PO numbers and such.

The Time Off tab has fields that are related to taking time off for things like vacation, PTO, sick, training so on and so forth. So those are fields that might pertain to each one of those records. That’s the jist of this. Go to each of those tabs, put in different columns and see more information.

Thanks for sharing this with me.


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