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Question about your timesheet. I see your timesheet is in a weekly view. In other words I see Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on. That’s nice but we like to enter time for a full pay period. Usually pay periods are from the 1st of the month to the 15th then from the 16th to the end of the month. Can you configure the timesheet to do that?

Yeah sure, Ray. You just go right here to the Tools menu scroll down to where we have Approve Time and Expenses. And once you’re in this view you’ll notice there’s a box for Pay Periods, click on it and this is where you create the pay periods. You can create as many as you like. I’m going to create one here from the 1st to the 15th as you said; and I’ll choose Create Pay Period. Now we have one pay period created. Now I’ll go ahead and choose the next one which is the 16th through the end of the month.

I can create these out into the future, really for the whole year then.

Right, a lot of people do that. You can create them 6 months at a time, a year, two years-whatever you like.

I created a few here as an example so I’m going to close this box. And I’m going to get out of this view as well. And then you’re going to notice right here at the top you’re going to see we have a pay period/date range for this timesheet. And you’ll also notice it shows up at the bottom of the timesheet as well. So you get two indicators of the date range for the pay period you’re in.

OK. I also see a bracket there. I guessing that tells me expected number of hours for that pay period.

Exactly. That’s the number of scheduled hours.

I guess the way things work depending on the way weekends end up some pay periods are longer than others and require more hours. Some are 88 hours, some are more or less.

This just gives you a good indication what you should have in your timesheet so when you get ready to submit it you know whether you’re in the ball park or not.

Now the next thing you can do is select this little drop down arrow; right in this little arrow are a bunch of hidden features for the timesheet. For instance you can display hours at the top verses the bottom. In addition to that there is a selection for Time Periods. Right now we’re displaying it one week at a time, well what I want to do is display the full pay periods. So I’m going to hit this little button Pay Period and when I do you’ll notice we have a scroll bar at the bottom of the screen and it allows me to scroll left and right through the full pay period I’m inside of.

So I can enter all the hours for that pay period.

More importantly I think it’s not just entering the hours it gives you a chance to review all of those hours before submitting them. That way you can look at the full pay period before you submit for approval.

Now I’ll just scroll back down here and go back to the weekly mode; most people like to see their time in a weekly mode even if they have different pay periods.

We like to see how many hours we’ve worked in a certain week even if though we enter hours for the pay period we at least like to see the weekly view to see how many hours we did last week.

That’s what I’m trying to get at here. You can toggle back and forth between those views. So the week you’re putting in your time you’re good, and then if you want to review it before you submit it you can also get into that mode to take a look at.


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