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Some people have asked how Standard Time® handles overtime records. This video is going to explain that.

In this timesheet, first of all you can see the weekly total at 45 3/4, the daily totals show those daily totals for the week Monday-Friday. In this particular example we can see that this record is overtime, this one, this and this. What I’m going to do is mark those as overtime and you’re going to see a change down here at the bottom of the timesheet. I’m going to click in this and click in Notes and Detail, the pay type for this says regular, I’ll click in this cell and choose overtime 1.5. We have the option of choosing 2x I’m going to choose 1.5. When we do that we get a new line down here that shows the overtime for that particular segment. Let’s go over to this segment here, choose Notes and Detail, and again choose overtime. We can see now that this is changed to 3.25 hours. Let’s go back to this one, change it to overtime; then the last one, we’ll change that to overtime. We now see we have a weekly total of 45 ¾ hours, 5 ¾ of those are overtime. That’s a way of seeing that in the timesheet.

There’s another area I’d like to introduce you to and that is the Time Log. You see the six tabs along the top; the Time Log also displays timesheet entries, they are sort of close relatives. When I click on the Time Log I see a whole list of records, too many records for me to look through so I’m going to click on This week and now I see the records for this week for my timesheet. I’m going to the View menu and choose Columns, let’s get rid of the User column because I don’t really care who the user and client is in this particular case. I’m going to put in Pay type, click add, Move Up. I now have this column displayed, I click OK. Pay type column now shows me which ones are overtime which ones are regular. I could click on this column it would sort, click it again it would sort in the other direction. Normally those are sorted by the starting date, so you see the overtime records spread throughout that time. Go back to the timesheet see those same records here and the 5 ¾ hours at the bottom.

That’s a brief explanation of overtime in the Standard Time timesheet.


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