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In this video let’s take a look at bringing in a Microsoft Project file. Turns out you can integrate with MS Project for the purposes of tracking time to project tasks. When you bring in an MPP file into Standard Time® you’ll see all of the tasks that you are assigned to on your timesheet. If you log in as a different user you may see different tasks that those users are assigned to. After you’ve logged time administrators can then send that time back to MS Project.

To get started I’m going to choose Tools, Projects and then the projects dialog opens up. I can then go to the Tools menu in that project dialog and choose New Project and name the new project anything I like. I’ll name it MS Project. I can then go up to the Tools menu again and choose Microsoft Project Integration Wizard. When I do that a wizard comes open that allows me to go and integrate with a Microsoft Project MPP file. I can then browse for that file open it up and here’s it’s actually complaining about having a local hard drive path to the file. But this should be OK this is just a test. The next thing I’d want to do is Test the Connection to make sure I can see all the tasks in that file. When I do that MS Project opens up and I see all of the tasks listed here. They all look good to me so I’ll click close, click Next, click Next again, you can choose to have a Bidirectional or Unidirectional connection to MS Project; I’ll choose Bidirectional and also choose to Map the work column in MS Project to the Standard Time duration column. I’ll click next again, then click finish. Standard Time will go out to MS Project and pull down those tasks. So when I click OK I can then go over to the Project Tasks tab; I see my new project here, all of the tasks listed, some of those are assigned to me some to other users. I’m going to check the Quick Task check box and that causes those tasks to show up in the timesheet. When I go over to the timesheet, open up the project I then see the summary tasks and the actual tasks assigned to me. I can then go and put in some hours for those tasks. I’m going to send this time back to MS Project. Now that I’ve done that I can go over to the View menu choose Refresh Project Tasks. This is only available to administrators who want to send the actual work back to MS Project. I choose that and see my project listed here, to send the time back to Project I click Refresh Now. We can see the project file has been updated; I click OK, close this then I can open my MS Project file and see the results. We see here we have some actual work on those tasks that we have been working on in the Standard Time timesheet. I’ll close out of the MS Project file.

That’s essentially the round-trip story for MS Project files-you simply bring them in, integrate with them, log some time to them and go and refresh the project tasks to send the actual work back to MS Project.

Hopefully that helps!


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