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I have a tough question for you! I run reports on a regular basis. And when I do that I have to choose the same choices every time to run that report. I was wondering if you had a way to simply save those choices so I wouldn’t have to do that every time.

Absolutely! We have a way to memorize reports. Let me show you that real quick. If you go over here to the left hand side, you’ll notice we have a couple of choices of things we can do. One of them is a list of reports, so let’s click on this + symbol and open my list of reports. I’ll go ahead and choose Time logs, open up that list and I’ll go down here and choose employee by project. When I select that report you get your normal list of filters and things you want to memorize in the report. The first tab up here at the top that you can select is the list of Users, you can choose a person or group of people. However by not choosing someone it will show you everyone. So by not making a selection you get to see everything. So the same is true for projects. If I want to see one project or so I can click on that project. In this case I’m not going to make a selection, I want to see them all. The same is true for Clients and so forth… But when I click on the date range, let’s say I want to see everything from last week, so I will make that choice here. I just want to see all the time for last week; you can look at billed or unbilled time or you can look at summary vs detail. In this case all I did was make one selection; I want to see everything from last week. Then click the save button over here on the bottom right corner. When I click save it allows me to name this report whatever I like. And you’ll notice it gives it a report extension of rpf instead of rpx. It’s just going to save it under that extension on your hard drive or your network, where ever it’s located. Then I hit the save button and when I do, I now have a brand new report listed here on the left hand side. I quickly identify it because it has a little icon listed next to it and that tells me I have a memorized report for the hours for last week. If I click on that, there’s my report.

Perfect, single click! I don’t have to make those choices over and over again I just click it once.

Right. You just click it once and you’re done. This thing has already memorized all of your attributes and in fact you can create as many of those reports as you like. And every time you create one and save it you’ll find it in the list where it was originally created.

Thank you!


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