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Mike: Hello everyone Mike with Standard Time® back with Ray White with Scoutwest, he is the expert on the Standard Time app. Absolutely amazing app for consulting companies, for any company really.

Ray: Manufacturing.

Manufacturing. I had mentioned to you HVAC people; a lot of people who are out in the field, this would be perfect for them.

Yes, engineering.

One question I have about the timesheet. Can other people see my timesheet?

The answer is no. Your timesheet is private. Your manager, the executives they’ll be able to see your timesheet. Another thing you won’t be able to see is other people’s projects, you’ll only be able to see the projects you’re assigned to and the tasks you’re assigned to.

Tell me a little bit about favorites in Standard Time.

Nice feature. What favorites does is reduces the list. Let’s say you have a list of 15-20 tasks, projects. The list is long, you got to scroll through, you may have 50. That’s a lot to scroll through. A favorites feature lets you choose the ones you’re working on now. Let’s say you’re working on 1 or 2 projects now, you can go in click favorites, choose those now you timesheet only shows those few projects. You’re able to go in, put your time in, get out and that’s what it’s for.

That’s awesome. In the free trial of Standard Time can I use favorites?

You can, yes. You can put as many projects in as you like, you can assign those to people, each one of those people can use the favorites feature.

You can get your free trial today at stdtime.com. They have the Windows version, the Web version, the Android version and the iOS version which is amazing Ray. I love this program download your free version today. Join us next time, see you soon.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX1i2QtpQws


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