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Mike: Mike with Standard Time® back with Ray White of Scoutwest the developers of Standard Time. Welcome back.

Ray: Hey, Mike.

I’m a little bit frustrated because there are a lot of timesheet programs out there that only show you that week. In my company we have a time period. How does Standard Time deal with that?

We have the option of showing pay periods. Your pay period may start at the first of the month and go to the 15th of the month. The next one would go 16th to end of month. That means that the number of days for each pay period can be different, and it’s not 7 days. You can basically see the number of days, all of those days, in your timesheet. You can see the number of scheduled hours that that includes. And then you can compare that with the actual hours that you’ve put in for your timesheet.

I have colleagues who get paid monthly. Is that possible in Standard Time to reflect that month?

Yeah. That’s just another pay period set up. You would set up monthly, from then on your timesheets are going to show all of the hours, all of the days for the entire month. Another thing that happens when you have this is if you’re required to submit your timesheet, not everyone is required that’s optional. If you’re required to submit your timesheet when you do it actually submits the entire duration of that pay period. Not just the week, you’re submitting an entire pay period whether that’s two weeks, a month however your pay periods are set up.

How can we use this?

You can go out to the web site stdtime.com. Get the evaluation version, windows, web. Set up these pay periods and everyone will see it. Now you have to be an admin to do this, normal employees can’t go in and monkey around with the pay periods and change things and all the other employees will see it and say, “What happened?” Admins, managers, executives those sorts would go in and set that up. Stdtime.com.

That’s awesome. You heard it here download your free trial version today. Let us know what you think!

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y3H_lzpCdI


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