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Mike: Mike back with Standard Time® with Ray White of Scoutwest the makers of Standard Time. Welcome back Ray.

Ray: Hi, Mike.

I’m a manager I have about 12 employees under me. How do I get them through Standard Time to submit their timesheets to me?

You might consider starting with an email notification. You can set up an email notification that would send an email to those employees who have forgotten to submit their timesheet. Submitting your timesheet is optional; you don’t have to do it in the program. But you as a manager want that as a sanity check, make sure the time is all against the correct project, tasks, so on, clients. Just one last check after they’ve put their time in. That would be a good reason for that email notification. When you do that you’re going to see a screen that has all the employees that you’re allowed to see. There may be other managers and they see their people. You’re going to see your people and you’re going to see which ones have submitted and not submitted. You’ll see the number of hours they have in their timesheet. You can click a button, go to their timesheet, you can either fix their timesheet if they’ve made mistakes or you can just reject the timesheet, give them a reason. Another email notification is going to go back to them saying you need to fix your timesheet. That way they can put in a reason for the change that they’ve made. You have the full audit trail, of the rejection, the change, the changes that they’ve made. For DCAA compliance or other reasons, you may want to do that. But there are either two ways to do it, you can either fix yourself or have them fix it.

So this really takes out having me to track people down saying “hey, this is wrong, can you fix it?” It’s just email, done. 

Right, there are really two emails that they could get. They could either get one that you forgot to submit your timesheet or they could get one your timesheet is not complete. Let’s say they put 14 hours in, well we want 40. They’re going to get an email that says we think your timesheet maybe incomplete. A couple of different emails that they could get.

How do I get timesheet approvals?

You can get it in the trial version of Standard Time. If you go out to our website stdtime.com you will see a download link. You’ll be able to download that, set up pay periods, set up managers who are allowed to see different employees. And then those email notifications will go out, people will submit their timesheets as they’re supposed to, you’ll see that list as a manger. You’re good to go.

Timesheet approval, it’s the sanity you’ve been looking for. Stdtime.com download your free trial version today. If you’re worried about when that free trial version ends don’t worry, super affordable. Go to the website for more information. We’ll see you next time with more Standard Time.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q__oXs32040


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