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Mike: Hey everyone, Mike with Standard Time® thanks for joining me. You’ve probably seen me on the Internet with some videos telling you how excellent Standard Time is. Today I’ve brought in the expert, Ray with Scoutwest, he’s going to give us a little more information about how awesome Standard Time is. How ya’ doin’ Ray?

Ray: Pretty good Mike.

When people think of clocking into a job they think of going to a computer and actually logging into a system. Now Standard Time has changed that in the industry. Why don’t you tell us a little more about that.

Probably because of the smartphone. You’re right traditionally people have sat down at their computers, they will log into an application, timesheet, sometimes they’ll try to use spreadsheets, web applications. But more and more people are using smartphones for the same thing. Standard Time runs on Android, iOS – you can simply go tap, tap, tap, put in your time and that’s all you really have to do.

How does that information get from a smartphone to corporate offices?

This will synchronize with the cloud or with the desktop. It starts with bringing down your projects all your clients, your projects, your tasks. They all go down to the phone. Now you have those you can then log time or expenses against those projects. And then this will synchronize back to the cloud the information goes straight up. You are then able to access the information immediately.

So you’re saying when people actually log in their expenses it sends that back so that they can get a check back for any expenses that may have accrued.

Yes, or the company can see the expenses that have been logged for their consultants out in the field. But you can use this right in your own office. You don’t have to be in the field, if you happen to pull out your phone, you want to log some time, instead of sitting down at the computer you can do that.

That’s awesome. Before the cameras started rolling we were actually talking that clients can actually check the progress of their projects. Tell me about that. That’s pretty interesting.

There’s another addition of Standard Time called Project Bot. This addition you would give to your client. So typically consultants would give this to their clients, clients then can use their own special login ID, it will pull down all of their projects, it will pull down all the time and expenses that you’ve logged as consultants out in the field against their project. Pull down onto their phone, look at it and see exactly what’s been done.

That’s amazing. Why don’t you tell everyone how they can actually download this app.

Probably should go out to our website which is stdtime.com. When you go to the download link you will see all four additions. You’ll see the web, there is the windows addition, you’ll see the iOS addition and then you’ll see the Android. So all 4 icons are right there.

So you heard it here today. Go to the website and download it your free version.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYucC7tCluM


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